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Judges Comments:

Listo’s The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly routine

Sandra Davis

“Fantastic technical performance! Wonderful unique moves” 9.7
“Perfect costume/music/choreography fit” perfect score! 10.0

“Technically exquisite work. Transitions, precision among the best I’ve ever seen.” 9.9
“Fantastically creative choreography. Took a point off for barking.
Costuming is creative and a great match for the music.” 9.8

Wies les Beek
“WOW Such wit and humor. Absolutely fabulous. Original tricks.” 9.6
“Total control! 9.5

Linda LeHouillier
“Breathtaking. Very creative artistic routine.” 9.9

Gloria Voss
“Wow!! There are not words. You are the whole package!” 9.9
So Very Creative & Artisitic. An Honor to Judge you & meet you.
You present the whole package.” 10.0

Cabo’s Phantom of the Opera routine

Sandra Davis

“Wonderful choreography with some unique sequences.” 9.5
“Super costume – prop use to music” 9.5

Wies ter Beek
“Dramatic pauses were very effective, you absolutely did a great job!
“You are the Phantom! Christine Daee believes you! Perfect, great spectator appeal! 9.6

Gloria Voss
“Awesome Precision. Your phrasing is incredible! Wonderful behind work.” 9.7
“Dazzling Choreography. Awesome job of staying in character. Very Innovative.” 10.0
Last Updated On 02/26/2013
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